Back-Up Power Systems & Generators

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“Don’t Be Left In The Dark”

Fischer Electric can provide and install a full line of generators and back-up power solutions to meet your goals for all types of projects, commercial, and residential, small or large.

Whether it’s a Generac, Kohler, Cummings, MTU, Detroit, Onan, etc., we can provide and install the generator you choose, and are happy to make suggestions based on your specific needs and fuel source availability. We’ll visit your jobsite to determine what size generator will suit your needs and design a system that will provide reliable back-up power for the loads you decide are important.

We can provide Smart automatic transfer switches that communicate with load shedding devices that will shed non-essential loads if the generator starts to become over-loaded. This will allow you to use smaller generators and thus save money at time of installation. We can also provide full sized generators and automatic transfer switches so that your entire premises is backed up.

Fischer Electric can handle the entire generator project from start to finish including plans and engineering, crane installation, concrete slabs, protective bollards, screening, gas lines and tanks, fuel fill, start-up, etc.

We can provide and install all types of UPS Systems to provide un-interruptible power for your sensitive equipment.