Fischer Electric - 50 Years and Counting

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Electricians putting quality first since 1968. Satisfying customers, earning their trust.

Fischer Electric has over 50 years of experience in The Electrical Contracting Industry. The company was started in 1968 by Charles W. Fischer Sr., and is currently run by Charles W. Fischer Jr. Originally it was a small electrical contracting company that concentrated on mostly what would be considered service work. Over the years as the company expanded its areas of expertise, and took on more qualified employees, we’ve become a full service electrical contracting company that can handle a wide array of electrical projects from small service type jobs, all the way up to multi-million dollar new construction projects. We have multiple estimators, project managers, electricians, and other personnel to tackle whatever electrical work you need done, from residential to commercial.

Our company has a State of Florida Unlimited Electrical Contractors License which affords us the ability to handle any type of electrical project throughout the State of Florida, and any other area that reciprocates with Florida.

Unlike other companies who only have a qualifier who has nothing to do with the business, Charles W. Fischer Jr. is involved with the business every day. We are fully insured well past the State’s minimum requirements, and can provide bonds when necessary.

We have the ability to put together materials, manpower, and coordination for projects in all areas of Florida, The Bahamas, and The Caribbean including Haiti, and have completed projects in all of these locations.

Fischer Electric has built a reputable business over the past 50 years and greatly values the relationships we’ve built along the way. We’ve been through the good times and the bad, we know what it takes to run a successful electrical contracting company, and we look forward to serving the electrical needs of our customers well into the future.