Switchgear and Panel Replacement

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Reasons to Replace Your Current Switchgear and/or Panel Configuration

Many of the houses, buildings, and condominiums in South Florida were built a long time ago. The electrical systems in many of these properties have outlived their useful lives and in some cases have become obsolete. Some of the switchgear installed in the distant past is no longer UL listed and could possibly pose a fire hazard. As part of mandatory inspections that are required by some municipalities and insurance companies, the existing switchgear and electrical systems are noted as deficient and require action to be taken by the owner or associations.

Fischer Electric's Experience with Switchgear Replacements

Fischer Electric has completed thousands of residential electrical panel replacements, along with many larger commercial and condominium switchgear upgrade projects. With regards to condominiums/apartments, we understand the challenges that go into planning, permitting, and completing these projects where power may be down for an extended period of time, and provisions may need to be made for temporary power. We can provide design, engineering, and permit processing services for these type of projects as necessary. Our relationships with major electrical equipment manufacturers such as Siemens, Square D, and GE, help us to be able to find the best solution for the specific needs of your project. Our estimators have the experience and knowledge to find the most cost effective and efficient solution to whatever is needed to bring the current electrical system up to current requirements.