Lighting Upgrades

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Why Upgrade to LED Lighting?

The incandescent light bulb has gone the way of the horse and carriage, fluorescent bulbs are slowly fading away, the age of LED is here to stay. From this point on, LED lighting is what is being used and specified in most projects.

Fischer Electric can provide solutions to upgrade your existing lighting, to replace old obsolete fixtures and bulbs, save money on your electric bill, and cut maintenance costs. In some cases, we can decrease the number of fixtures, cut the energy usage, increase the life of the lamps, and maintain or increase the same lighting levels. There’s a wide range of options available in fluorescent, LED, and induction lighting fixtures that we can offer to upgrade your lighting system.

We can provide a free Return On Investment (ROI) study to show you the benefits of upgrading your existing lighting to more efficient and energy saving LED solutions.