Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Electric Vehicles are on the Rise

The age of electric vehicles is upon us. As traditional fossil fuel vehicles are gradually phased out, electric vehicles will become more commonplace in our lives. With this change to electric vehicles comes the challenge of how do we charge them at home, at our business, and on the open roads?

How Can Fischer Electric Help with your EV Needs?

Fischer Electric can provide efficient solutions to all of your EV charging needs including Level 1, 2 or 3 chargers. We can provide basic installations at your home or work, and can also provide more difficult custom design and engineering solutions for locations such as condominiums and office buildings that are not set-up for easy installation or metering of electric vehicle chargers.

As part of any installation, you’ll need to calculate your current electrical load, and the load that will be added as part of your charger installation. Once these values are determined, we can provide the best solution to your charging needs. In the event you need to upgrade your electrical service to accommodate the additional load, we can provide design, plans, permitting, pricing, and installation services to facilitate that upgrade.