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New Construction Wiring

Fischer Electric has the ability to handle many types of new construction projects including residential, commercial, and industrial. We have the Estimating Staff, Project Managers, Superintendents, and qualified electricians to make your project go smoothly.

We have the ability to provide High Voltage Wiring, Low Voltage, Lighting Control, A/V, Home Theater, Telephone, CATV, Security, etc.

Commercial/Industrial projects can range from small tenant build-outs to very large out-of-ground facilities and multi-story buildings.

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Switchgear Replacement

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Fischer Electric has the experience and knowledge to make your switchgear replacement job go smoothly. We have completed at least a half dozen large scale switchgear replacement jobs for condominium buildings and commercial properties to replace old obsolete switchgear with new equipment. We have the ability to provide engineering and coordination of the many facets involved in these very complicated projects that often times involve temporarily powering the entire building using mobile generators while the switchgear replacement is taking place. Our experience and expertise doing these types of projects helps us to avoid the unforeseen issues that can pop-up along the way.


Electrical Design & Engineering

Fischer Electric can provide a host of design and engineering services for any type of electrical project. We can offer full plans, engineering, design/build services, etc., on any type of project. When necessary, we can also provide other types of engineering that may be required for things such as generator slabs, gas lines, etc.

Working with our partners in the lighting industry, we can design and specify any type of lighting projects from small yard lighting projects all the way up to entire building lighting.

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Troubleshooting & Testing

Fischer Electric has an entire service department that can handle your everyday electrical problems that may pop up along the way. Our electricians are dispatched directly from our office where you’ll always get a live person on the phone. We can provide same day service where necessary or requested. Our hourly rates are competitive in the industry, and our trucks are fully stocked to reduce wasted trips to the supply house for materials. No job is too small, we can change light bulbs for you if desired. If necessary, on defined projects, we can provide a written estimate up front so that you know the costs before scheduling the work. Fischer electric offers system scans, thermal imaging, system surveys, and testing of existing electrical installation to avoid problems that may be brewing, and to meet specific insurance requirements as needed. Our electricians will visit the site, create a drawing/legend of all existing electrical systems, and provide accurate testing as required. We will then provide a detailed report of our findings identifying any potential problems with possible remedies to the problems.
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Lighting Upgrades

We can upgrade old incandescent or halogen lighting to new LED fixtures with a third of the power usage and a 50,000 hour bulb life.

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Remodel Wiring

Remodeling can sometimes be a challenge, but we have the experience to know how to handle the many different circumstances that arise when undertaking a remodel project. Designs change midstream, existing conditions are discovered that may not have been accounted for, owners and operators choose to remain in the premises during construction, and many other factors come into play during remodeling. We’ve seen these situations before and we know how to work with customers, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and designers to get the project done in a timely manner and within budget.

Commercial/Industrial remodeling projects often range from small tenant build-outs to large re-wiring of factories and warehouses.

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Back-Up Power Systems & Generators

“Don’t Be Left In The Dark”
Fischer Electric can provide and install a full line of generators and back-up power solutions to meet your goals for all types of projects. Whether it’s a Generac, Kohler, Cummings, MTU, Detroit, Onan, etc., we can provide and install the generator you choose, and are happy to make suggestions based on your specific needs and fuel source availability. We’ll visit your job site to determine what size generator will suit your needs and design a system that will provide reliable back-up power for the loads you decide are important. We can provide automatic transfer switches that will allow you to use a smaller generator and will shed non-essential loads in the event that the generator starts to become over-loaded. By doing this, we can save you money by installing a smaller generator and prioritizing the loads that you feel are most important. We can also provide full sized generators and automatic transfer switches so that your entire premises is backed up. Fischer Electric can handle the entire generator project from start to finish including plans and engineering, crane installation, concrete slabs, protective bollards, screening, gas lines and tanks, fuel fill, start-up, etc. We can provide and install all types of UPS Systems to provide uninterruptible power for your sensitive equipment.

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Marine Shore
Power & Lighting

Fischer Electric can provide all aspects of wiring for marine shore power and lighting including, but not limited to:

1. Installation of distribution panels and transformers. 2. Providing and installing power pedestals of all makes and configurations to serve any type or size of boat power requirements. 3. Wiring of all types and sizes of boat lifts. 4. Installation of low voltage wiring to boats (phone, CATV, high speed internet)

We can provide plans, designs, load calculations, and engineering to aid with permitting and approval of project. We can provide land based phase converters and built-in phase converters to accommodate yachts that may require their phase power where only a single phase is available.

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Site Lighting
& Maintenance Contracts

Fischer Electric offers site lighting maintenance contracts for malls, car dealers, condominiums, or any type of facility that sees the value in not having to worry about constantly calling somebody every time a light goes out. Our contracts can be quarterly, bi-annual, or annual, whichever option you choose. We will inspect and service lights as needed and keep a record of what we did and what light fixture was serviced. Upon request, we can send a blank copy of our contract for your review.
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Medical & Healthcare Industry

Fischer Electric has the experience to handle the many factors involved with working in the Medical and Healthcare environment. We’ve been involved in the wiring of free-standing Medical Buildings, remodeling of entire hospital floors, wired CT’s and MRI’s, urgent care centers, etc. Fischer Electric has the employees and equipment that are needed to comply with current AHCA requirements when necessary. We can provide a current resume of AHCA jobs completed when requested. Fischer Electric understands the time constraints that are often involved in doing medical work and have been involved in a number of projects that have required accelerated schedules to be met.
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Fire Alarm
& Security Systems

Fischer Electric has the ability to design, install, test, certify, and provide plans and shop drawings for all types of fire alarm and security systems.
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24 Hour Emergency Service

Our 24 hour emergency service provides you with a qualified electrician at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a medical facility, government agency, or homeowner, we can provide you with qualified 24 hour service to handle whatever emergency you may have.

By calling our normal phone number, 954-566-5689, you will either be connected with an electrician on call, or given an alternate phone number to reach an on-call electrician.

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